Providing strategic guidance and insight when you need it most.

LTCG is not just a long term care insurance administrator. We are home to some of the industry’s thought leaders. LTCG has consistently innovated in LTC consulting, research and product design. Our principals created integral concepts such as using functional and cognitive benefit triggers, the “pool of dollars” benefit design, independent in-home providers and other coverage concepts that protect both consumers and insurers. We render professional consulting services in the following disciplines to both the private and public sectors:

  • Product Development and Competitive Analysis: We create products, both for self-funded plans and commercial insurance that offer competitive, contemporary benefits that fit a client’s distribution channels and customer base.
  • Marketing and Customer Communications and Support: An effective communications campaign is critical to the success of a product, and we develop all the marketing materials necessary for an exciting launch, including educational pieces for a web portal, promotional videos, social marketing outreach, producer guides and much more. We also train producers, customer service and home office staff to understand the needs of their customers and the products they support.
  • Actuarial Services: LTCG’s actuaries impart their expertise to clients in the areas of product pricing, financial reporting, business valuation, experience analysis and product re-rating.
  • Compliance: We offer a full array of product compliance services and can take a client’s insurance product or advertising from the idea and drafting phases all the way through to securing the necessary regulatory approvals, both from the Interstate Compact (IIPRC) and state insurance departments. Our experienced staff can also handle rate increase filings and systematically track and analyze legislation and regulations.
  • Public Policy Research and Analysis: LTCG has a robust practice in research and public policy analysis surrounding LTC and has helped several states and the federal government to start “Own Your Future” campaigns.
  • Clinical Audits: Our expert clinical teams perform claims and underwriting audits onsite for clients and provide a comprehensive report of their findings at the end of the process, which typically leads to improvements in the client’s practices and standards.
  • Information Technology Solutions: LTCG offers professional IT services to meet the specific needs of each of its insurance clients, with over 200 LTC-dedicated IT specialists to configure or customize our application and data platforms.

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