CareExchange: A comprehensive program to mitigate risks and improve financial strength.

CareExchange Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) verifies services are provided by the right person, at the right place, and at the right time, eliminating the need for claimants and providers to maintain paper timesheets and submit them for evaluation for reimbursement. Our innovative program is designed with the intent to reduce fraud, waste and abuse as well as increase accuracy and efficiency of the invoicing and reimbursement process.

CareExchange EVV enables real-time electronic fraud monitoring for carriers that provides a deterrent effect, reduces utilization leakage and identifies activity for Special Investigation Unit review and audit. Real-time prevention strategies, detection methods and analytics deliver insight into service visits and anticipated reimbursement, enabling enhanced financial forecasting and reserve management.

CareExchange EVV may be accessed by providers telephonically or via the web using either a mobile device or computer. Leveraging telephonic and GPS location services, this technology-enabled solution verifies the location of service visits and the identity of the provider, captures service visit start and end times, records services performed during the service visit and generates invoices. It also allows for historical data access, reporting, and data exports by claimants and providers.

In addition to the value CareExchange EVV delivers to carriers, there are significant benefits to other stakeholders:

Benefits to Claimants

  • Accelerated time to receive reimbursement and transparent submission process
  • Online access to review service visit information and electronic submission of invoices
  • Additional verification through electronic signature capabilities
  • Convenient access to historical visit information and invoices that may be downloaded
  • Facilitates bill presentment between claimants and providers
  • Secure communication via multiple channels – online and offline
  • Reminders to complete activities such as reviewing service visit information and submitting invoices

Benefits to Providers

  • A simple, straightforward process with improved accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduced time spent on maintaining paper documentation and other administrative tasks
  • Multiple methods to capture service visit information – via telephone or mobile device
  • Centralized location for service visit information for clients
  • Convenient access to compensation information that may be downloaded to maintain financial records and prepare taxes
  • Email and text notifications of newly released features, training, and announcements

To learn more about how CareExchange EVV can help your organization optimize its financial future while reducing fraud, waste and abuse, contact us today.