Telephonic and in-home assessments that deliver actionable insights to improve risk management.

LTCG is widely regarded as the leading provider of underwriting and claims assessments in the insurance industry. In fact, we perform more than 300,000 each year. Insurers across the nation trust LTCG to gather accurate, reliable, and objective data regarding their applicants and policyholders. These insights improve the financial performance of our customers by driving more informed underwriting and claims decisions leading to better risk management.

Telephonic and in-home assessment types

LTCG conducts face-to-face and telephonic assessments. These services are widely used in the evaluation of applications for long term care, life, hybrid products, disability, chronic illness riders, Medicare Supplement and Critical Illness:

  • We also perform telephonic assessments or in-home visits to inform the underwriting process, which are designed to provide highly-accurate information related to an applicant’s risk factors.
  • Our claim assessments drive more informed eligibility decisions by uncovering insights about each policyholder’s physical and cognitive functioning as well as their unmet care needs and support requirements. We can perform initial or follow-up assessments, care plan updates, and chronic illness certification or recertification, based on each policyholder’s changing needs.
  • LTCG also provides two of the industry’s most proven cognitive screening tests, the MCAS and the EMST. These scientifically-sound clinical tools were developed based on proven medical research and exhibit extremely high sensitivity and specificity detecting mild cognitive impairment through dementia.

Our face-to-face assessments are conducted via a broad, national network of more than 3,500 clinicians. All clinicians in the network undergo a rigorous selection process, background screening, and training to ensure that high-quality, accurate and objective information is provided to our insurance partners.

Leveraging the latest technology

LTCG’s assessment services employ state-of-the-art technology to give our clients the ability to quickly and efficiently gain a better understanding of their population’s health, functional and cognitive status while ensuring proper risk management. For example, we offer the following enhanced services and technology-enabled solutions:

  • Online telephonic assessment scheduling—LTCG’s scheduling web portal speeds and streamlines the telephonic assessment scheduling process. This easy-to-use portal makes it simple for individuals to self-schedule their telephonic assessment appointment, eliminating phone tag, unchecked voicemails and other delays that can slow down the underwriting process.
  • Digital in-home visits—Our electronic in-home visit platform allows LTCG to deliver high-quality assessments with rapid turnarounds while eliminating inconsistencies. This highly-secure system removes the need for paper-based documentation and enables greater efficiency, quality and consistency of data collection and transmission.
  • Teleapplication—Our Tele-App option streamlines the entire assessment process, providing a convenient customer experience while offering high quality information through a single, reflexive discussion which includes demographics, medical history, medication review and a cognitive screen.

We have also developed partnerships with pharmacy and medical clearinghouses as well as other third-party sources, which can be integrated into the assessment process to allow for the most thorough information gathering all at one time.

To learn more about how our telephonic and in-home assessments can improve the financial performance of your organization by enabling better risk management, contact us today.