Providing customized solutions for application processing

LTCG’s advanced administration system can effectively support new business applications received in a variety of mediums to comply with each insurer’s unique requirements. Our protocols allow for timely and accurate production and tracking in accordance with the insurer’s criteria. For example, system edits can be set up depending on state or product line variations to ensure processing accuracy.

Our team is also responsible for quality assurance, following up and obtaining missing application items, securing updates or changes when needed, working closely with our client’s advisor licensing area and ensuring that new applicants meet suitability standards. In addition to handling new applications, we work directly with applicants, advisors and insurers to answer application related questions.

LTCG’s process includes the following:

  • Scanning of all paper applications
  • Entering application data
  • Receiving and handling electronic applications as straight-through processing with no manual data entry necessary
  • Receiving and processing applications submitted through LTCG’s customizable web portal
  • Handling all follow-up work and communications related to application processing with producers, applicants and insurers
  • Providing application status via a periodic data feed, email or call center support.

Issuing Policies with a Stringent Review

LTCG issued over 40% of all new individual policies and group certificates sold in the LTC industry in 2013. One reason so many insurance companies entrust us with issuing their policies and certificates is our quality assurance. Prior to sending each policy or certificate out the door, we check to ensure the data entry is complete and correct, all appropriate discounts are applied, and the necessary state forms and riders are  included in the issue package. We even look to make sure the print isn’t smudged. And if the insured needs their documents expedited, we ship them via priority mail or FedEx.

For more information about how LTCG’s application processing and policy issue capabilities can help your organization improve its financial performance, contact us today.