LTCG Introduces the 14th Edition of Its LTC Underwriting Standards

LTCG’s Guide to Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting is used by leading insurers to effectively manage risk and promote acceptance within long term care, life and hybrid products.

June 7, 2017 – LTCG, the recognized leader in business processing outsourcing for long term care insurance, has announced the release of its Guide to Long Term Care Insurance Underwriting, considered the gold standard in the industry today. The 14th edition of this manual includes new standards based on the latest medical research, ongoing analysis of LTCG’s extensive underwriting and claims experience, and the introduction of new medical therapies. LTCG’s staff of risk management experts and several outside clinicians are on the development team.

“LTCG’s underwriting standards and processes focus on safely accepting as many applicants as possible, which increases consumer access to long term care products while improving the integrity of our client’s risk pools,” said Stephen Holland, MD, Chief Medical Officer of LTCG. “By focusing on a data-driven approach to risk management, we have leveraged the latest in medical literature and over 25 years of experience to produce underwriting decisions and standards that align with the very latest in morbidity and mortality research as well as clinical best practices

This edition introduces six new single-rate class standards and five new classified (multi-class) standards, as well as revisions to existing guidelines for several clinical conditions and additional medications based on the latest treatment options. New underwriting standards have been included for carcinoma of the cervix, cardiogenic syncope, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV+), isolated lab values, retinitis pigmentosa and a family history of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (EOAD). In addition, LTCG has made updates to standards for narcotics/opioids, BMI, and for many common medical conditions related to the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, nervous and respiratory systems, psychiatry and oncology, among many others.

“Underwriting the long term care risk has always been one of our most valued core competencies and we provide these services for many of the leading insurers still active in our market,” said Peter Goldstein, CEO of LTCG. “In fact, we process most of the new stand-alone LTC business written in the industry today.”

About LTCG
LTCG is the leading provider of administrative solutions and clinical services to the long term care and life insurance industry, with over two decades of experience in this space. LTCG currently manages over one million policies and serves more than 50 carriers nationwide. The company addresses all types of customer needs and policy requirements—from application processing and underwriting of new business to claims and administration of open and closed blocks. LTCG’s advanced data analytics, actuarial and risk management capabilities and unmatched industry expertise can help organizations manage their business and develop emerging products such as hybrid life/long term care policies. In addition, LTCG provides clients with unique insight about risk management built upon the industry’s largest database of long term care underwriting and claims outcomes. For more information, visit


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