We’re invested in your success.

For more than two decades, LTCG has partnered with leading long term care (LTC) insurers to improve their financial and operational performance. Our singular focus is on serving this industry and we are passionate about what we do. Whether your organization needs assistance with application processing, underwriting and clinical services or you are outsourcing end-to-end administration, we have the expertise and experience needed to deliver results.

At LTCG, we see ourselves as an extension of your business—whether that means embodying your culture and engaging your policyholders or being good stewards of your premium dollars. We house a level of capabilities and staff that would be difficult and costly for our customers to maintain on their own. This includes a full-time medical director and experienced clinical staff, specialized systems for administration and claims, and an entire Actuarial Insights department—all under one roof. When you work with LTCG, you aren’t just outsourcing to a vendor. You are entrusting your business to a partner that has defined many of the best practices in this industry.

Through our management of more than one million LTC policies, 45,000 active claims and 90,000 claims transactions per month, LTCG is the largest third party LTC insurance administrator in the industry today. We’re also actively investing in the people, processes and technology that will secure our leadership for tomorrow. Find out why so many insurers entrust the success of their LTC products to LTCG.

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