Gaining a comprehensive perspective on our industry challenges and opportunities

There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the long term care (LTC) community, including insight that comes from researchers, providers, academics, insurers, consumer groups and other thought leaders. But without effective dialogue and an active exchange of ideas, potential solutions may go unidentified or problems may not be fully and accurately understood.

Think of the old adage about the blind men and the elephant. Each person touches one part and gets their own unique but partial sense of what they have encountered. If one of them attempts to problem-solve based only on their single and limited perspective, they will be missing a vital piece of the puzzle. As is true for many things, the sum of the parts is bigger than the whole.

So how do we bring together a complete perspective on the complex LTC puzzle? One important venue is the Long Term Care Discussion Group, a voluntary, independent group that meets to share insights and ideas on all facets of LTC. LTCG is proud to be a co-chair of this important educational forum.

The Long Term Care Discussion Group is an informal non-partisan networking group of LTC stakeholders. It meets monthly to hear from policymakers, practitioners, providers, insurers, researchers, advocates and others regarding long term care policy issues, research, education and advocacy.

Membership is free and open to all, including:

  • Consumer groups such as AARP, Alzheimer’s Association, Families USA, National Council on the Aging, National Alliance for Caregiving and others
  • Government agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Administration on Aging, Congressional Research Service, the Office of Personnel Management, OMB and others
  • House and Senate staff
  • Representatives from states include the National Governor’s Association, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, National Council of State Legislators and interested parties from state government
  • Research groups include SCAN Foundation, Avalere Health, Brookings, Urban Institute, RTI, LifePlans, LTCG, National Academy of Social Insurance, and others
  • Individuals from a variety of academic organizations including Georgetown, Harvard, George Mason University and others
  • Various insurance carriers, industry associations (e.g., AHIP, ACLI, NAIFA, NAHU, AALTCI), the American Benefits Council (ABC), provider groups such as LeadingAge, AHCA, and others